Saturday, May 19, 2007

Family and Friends

When I started working on my website, I couldn't think of anything to write about myself for my bio. I asked my family and friends to send me sentences, phrases, paragraphs, or anything that they thought I should include ... well, here is what they sent. I'm very flattered by the messages I got (when I wholly expected to get silly responses). Instead ...

Submitted Bios:
Lauren is the type of person who likes to spend her birthdays on the banks of Marseille or sun bathing on the beaches of St. Marie de la Mer.
Well traveled, but down to earth, Lauren started her career in art at an early age.
-Marissa Wagner

Can you imagine an artist who excels in all mediums of art? An artist who is not only sweet, kind, and thoughful, but also humble and selfless...Well I know where an artist like that exists. Her name is Lauren and you are reading blurbs on her page. She's not only an amazing artist, but also a wonderful person. I've never met anyone as genuine as Lauren. If you know her, then you're blessed. If you don't, then you don't know what you're missing out on.

Lauren moved to Philadelphia to attend graduate school at Tyler School of Art in August 2006 and her roommate, Brigette, needs only one word to describe her as an artist and friend:
-Brigette Marshala

Lauren. A girl with dreamy eyes. Always seeking beauty and adventure. Modest and considerate. Honest and creative with friendships. An over all accurate example for a lovely human existence.
-Karl Bernhard

Lauren is one of those strong-willed, hard-working creative people who always manage to fit in everywhere they go. She has a personal style that cannot be matched. I guess you could call it glamorous rockabilly, but it’s never too trendy or over-the-top; although, I do recall a certain orange hat that served as a permanent accessory for at least a few months.
People always remember her, and it’s no surprise because she is difficult to forget. Her ability to accomplish anything she sets her mind to, her unbounded intelligence, and the way she doesn’t let these two things intimidate every person she meets are what I think draw people toward her. She is the always-smiling, always-laughing, always-charming, always-enlightening girl next door. She appears so accessible, and people see it as an open invitation to get to know her. Her art, like her life, unveils itself as an open door to her soul; however, she would never equate her identity with the views of the world has of her. At times, unseen by many, she is shy, quiet, and soft-spoken. She cares deeply for people and gives from her heart. She is a world-traveler with many dreams, and—knowing her—I am sure she will accomplish them all.
-Brooke Breaux

So thanks to everyone!