Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Studio studio

So the last blogging attempt didn't work out, but on Sunday I spent two very sweaty hours organizing in my studio ... And it's starting to look like a workspace! Here are some pics:

Tonight I need to bring over a few more things and install shelves, but it will be totally ready on May 13th! Why? For open studios! My building, Indoor Rooftop Studios, is having a 2nd Thursday event with food and beerage (I meant to type beverage, but that works too), music, and lots of art in and out of studios. It starts at 9pm! Come!

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aine scannell said...

Hello again Lauren - thought I would check out your links from your profile page - Liked the works in your cartography section of your portfolio - so mature compared with your earlier stuff. Like me you dont see m to have been blogging for a while . I keep meaning to send some submissions to the IPCNY and I see that you have been in exhibitions there TWICE !!!....way to go.
How did your studio reorganizing go - did you ever get it finished and most importantly what are you working on at present or is full time work ( if you are in that position) making it difficult for you to find the 'space' to get going? BTW you ought to enable that "follow my blog" widget on your sidebar of your blog.

take care